• Your sim card has been registered in our system for activation for the selected dates and time. Your will received a confirmation e-mail with more information shortly.

  • The sim cards by default don't have a specific data plan.  American Travel SIM as your provider will add the funds on the selected date and time.  

  • DO NOT attempt to activate the sim card on your own. No following our instructions. may turn the card invalid and unable to be activated by us. 

  • Any optional upgrades purchased during the registration  will be added to this account; no items will be shipped.

  • Registrations for activation are processed manually by our team, we advise you to register the sim card at least with 24 hours advance. Our hour are 8:45-9:00PM UTC/GMT -5 hours (Eastern Standard Time). 

  • Same day or  after hours activations may experience a delay. 
    It is important to NOT attempt to activated on the network provider website or by contacting them by phone.
    This will only make the sim card invalid and you will loose the promotional data plan. 

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